Key facts for taxpayers

Key Facts for Taxpayers 2013

The Key Facts for Taxpayers card is a summary of tax, expenditure and income data from the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU) 2013. It was released at the same time as other Budget 2013 documents on 16 May 2013.

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Table of contents

  • New Zealand's real GDP recovering
  • New Zealand's GDP growth robust in the world
  • Households balancing the books
  • Earthquake rebuild a major influence
  • Where do core Crown expenses go?
  • Where does core Crown revenue come from?
  • Operating balance before gains and losses
  • Net core Crown debt
  • Who pays income tax... and how much?
  • Personal income tax (decreased on 1 October 2010)
  • Company tax rate
  • GST
  • Budget 2013 allocation of the Future Investment Fund
  • Expected spending profile from the Fund
  • Crown's net worth grows from 2012
  • How does a 1% point change in growth affect tax?
  • What is the full-year cost of... ?