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Savings Incentive Options, Consultation and Analysis Information Release

In December 2001 the Treasury released the Treasury Report T2001/1967: Savings Incentive Options, Consultation and Analysis (7 December 2001).

Read the related media release: Govt still exploring private super incentives - Cullen (24 January 2002) on the website of Hon Dr Michael Cullen, Minister of Finance. [No longer available. - Web Sites Manager, The Treasury]

Following the Budget 2001 announcement regarding incentives for private savings the Minister of Finance instructed officials to consult with industry representatives to obtain their views. This report discusses the results of those consultations and officials' analysis of options for increasing private savings.

This report focuses on three tax incentive designs, tTE, TET and TEt treatment. Officials' view is that none of these schemes will be able to meet all of the objectives of a savings incentive. This is because of inherent contradictions between these goals. As a result, officials have endeavoured to outline these contradictions, along with the assumptions that guide them.

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