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The Living Standards Framework Dashboard - April 2022

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The Treasury would like to thank all contributors to the refresh of the Living Standards Framework (LSF) Dashboard, especially Max Christie, Tod Wright, Hien Nguyen, Tim Hughes, Diana Cook, Patrick Nolan, Dominick Stephens and Tim Ng. The Treasury would also like to acknowledge the work of Harmonic Analytics in hosting the LSF Dashboard and supporting the refresh of the LSF Dashboard to reflect the new LSF.


This paper reflects the current views, conclusions and recommendations of the New Zealand Treasury. All views expressed in this document are those of the Treasury.

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Executive summary#

This paper describes the 2022 refresh of the Living Standards Framework (LSF) Dashboard. The new LSF Dashboard is an evolution of the 2019 version to align with the 2021 version of the LSF.

The LSF Dashboard is a measurement tool that informs the Treasury’s wellbeing reporting and supports our advice to Ministers on priorities for improving wellbeing. It includes indicators of the different elements of the LSF.

The Treasury released a new version of the LSF in 2021. The new framework better reflects the wellbeing of children and culture, including being more compatible with wellbeing as understood in te ao Māori and by Pacific Peoples. This paper describes the changes made to the 2019 version of the LSF Dashboard to align it with the latest version of the LSF.

This LSF Dashboard refresh focused on the new and changed elements of the LSF. We restructured the LSF Dashboard so that each section corresponds to each level of the LSF, adding a new Our Institutions and Governance section and incorporating the Our people section into the Our Individual and Collective Wellbeing section. We added and moved several indicators to better align with the redefined domains and to incorporate more child-relevant indicators. We largely retained all existing LSF Dashboard indicators except where a better indicator had become available since the 2018 release or we needed to adapt to changes in the collection or analysis of data sources.

The indicator suite for the new LSF Dashboard is summarised in the tables below. You can explore the LSF Dashboard here:

LSF Dashboard - indicator suite