Treasury paper

The Context for Māori Economic Development

This paper has been prepared by the Treasury in response to a request by the Hui Taumata Steering Committee.

Hui Taumata 2005 was a Māori economic development summit which took place in Wellington from 1 - 3 March 2005. The purpose of Hui Taumata 2005 was to celebrate the achievements since the last Hui Taumata in 1984, and to set a path for Māori economic development for the next 20 years. This is an important event within Māoridom. Treasury contributed to Hui Taumata 2005 in two ways: through the provision of this background paper; and through John Whitehead's participation in a panel discussion on "Export and International Business".

Slides from a presentation by Barbara Annesley - The Context for Māori Economic Development (March 2005) - are also available for viewing or download. The presentation covers background to the Hui Taumata and key points in the Treasury's background paper.