Supplementary estimates of appropriations

Vote Internal Affairs - Supplementary estimates and supporting information 2009/10

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister for Ethnic Affairs (M30), Minister of Internal Affairs (M41)

ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Department of Internal Affairs


Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Internal Affairs
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Estimates

Departmental Output Expenses


Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (M41)

This appropriation is limited to supervision functions carried out in respect of reporting entities for which the Department of Internal Affairs is the relevant supervisor under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act.
- 967 967

Contestable Services RDA (M41)

Providing translation and other foreign language services to Government and the public.
899 9 908

Government Technology Services (M41)

This appropriation is limited to the development, deployment and operation of technology services across the State sector.
23,955 (11,440) 12,515

Identity Services (M41)

Providing effective management of New Zealand's records of identity including: issuing New Zealand passports; processing citizenship applications; and registering births, deaths, marriages and civil unions; developing authorised information-matching programmes with specified government agencies; providing data or data verification to international government agencies, to enhance border and facilitate travel; working across government to develop authentication of identity and to facilitate good practice based on Evidence of Identity Standard.
92,109 7,767 99,876

Policy and Advisory Services MCOA (M41)

7,334 943 8,277
Information and Advisory Services
This appropriation is limited to publishing the New Zealand Gazette; authenticating official documents; supporting commissions of inquiry and similar bodies; and coordinating the congratulatory message service.
3,010 599 3,609
Policy Advice - Internal Affairs
Policy advice on matters relating to: gaming, censorship, fire, identity, public inquiries, daylight saving and the Significant Community Based Projects Fund; the performance of and appointments to Crown entities; appointments to statutory bodies; and drafting ministerial correspondence and questions.
4,324 344 4,668

Regulatory Services (M41)

This appropriation is limited to operational policy advice and services to regulate gambling activity; and services to regulate objectionable material and unsolicited electronic messages.
25,929 (4) 25,925

Services for Ethnic Affairs (M30)

Policy advice on ethnic affairs and provision of advisory and information services to ethnic communities; drafting ministerial correspondence and questions; management of the contract for the telephone interpreting service (Language Line); and provision of information and training to ethnic communities and government agencies using Language Line.
5,520 396 5,916

Total Departmental Output Expenses

155,746 (1,362) 154,384

Non-Departmental Output Expenses


Classification of Films, Videos and Publications (M41)

The examination and classification of films, videos and publications by the Office of Film and Literature Classification under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. Provision of information and research on classification procedures and systems.
1,960 - 1,960

Development of On-line Authentication Services (M41)

This appropriation is limited to services provided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in the development of on-line authentication services.
116 - 116

Total Non-Departmental Output Expenses

2,076 - 2,076

Non-Departmental Other Expenses


Miscellaneous Grants - Internal Affairs (M41)

Miscellaneous Grant payments to individuals or organisations to assist in building a strong and safe nation through serving and connecting citizens, communities and Government.
49 84 133

Public Inquiries (M41)

Fees for inquiries and investigations.
- 35 35

Reimbursement of holding costs for surplus properties (M41)

This appropriation is limited to reimbursement of holding costs for surplus properties
- 218 218

Total Non-Departmental Other Expenses

49 337 386

Departmental Capital Expenditure


Department of Internal Affairs - Capital Expenditure PLA (M41)

This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Department of Internal Affairs, as authorised by section 24(1) of the Public Finance Act 1989.
35,578 (3,792) 31,786

Total Departmental Capital Expenditure

35,578 (3,792) 31,786

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

193,449 (4,817) 188,632

Details of Projected Movements in Departmental
Net Assets#

Department of Internal Affairs

Department of Internal Affairs - Details of Projected Movements in Departmental Net Assets - Internal Affairs
Details of Net Asset Schedule 2009/10
Main Estimates Projections
Supplementary Estimates Projections
Explanation of Projected Movements in 2009/10
Opening Balance 65,471 54,878 Supplementary Estimates opening balance reflects the audited results as at 30 June 2009.
Capital Injections 31,502 28,247  
Capital Withdrawals - -  
Surplus to be Retained (Deficit Incurred) (3,934) (3,934)  
Other Movements 3,934 3,934  

Closing Balance

96,973 83,125