Supplementary estimates of appropriations

Vote Fisheries - Supplementary estimates and supporting information 2009/10

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture (M32)



Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Fisheries
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Estimates

Departmental Output Expenses


Aquaculture Settlement (M32)

Services to implement the Māori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004, which provides for a settlement of Māori interests in commercial aquaculture, including the provision of 20% of new space in aquaculture management areas and the provision of 20% equivalent of existing space allocated since September 1992.
1,740 (965) 775

Fisheries Compliance (M32)

Services to promote high levels of voluntary compliance with fisheries laws and create effective deterrence against illegal fisheries activity.
30,842 2,867 33,709

Fisheries Information (M32)

Services to provide for scientific research (primarily stock assessment and environmental assessment) about New Zealand's fisheries resources, and observer activities on commercial fishing vessels.
34,396 1,261 35,657

Fisheries Operations (M32)

Services to provide advice to the Minister on appropriate standards defining acceptable impacts of fishing, appropriate allocation of rights to utilise fisheries and services to assist tangata whenua to better contribute to the sustainable management of New Zealand's fisheries.
25,033 (2,877) 22,156

Fisheries Policy Advice (M32)

Advice on the development of policies relating the sustainable and efficient utilisation of New Zealand's fisheries, promotion of New Zealand's interests in an international context and provision of Ministerial servicing.
7,410 1,789 9,199

Interim Secretariat South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (M32)

Administrative support for the interim secretariat of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation.
240 189 429

Total Departmental Output Expenses

99,661 2,264 101,925

Non-Departmental Other Expenses


Contributions to International Organisations (M32)

Contributions to such organisations as the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) and the Convention on the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific.
300 75 375

Deemed Value Debt Adjustment (M32)

Adjustment of deemed value debts incurred by fishers.
- 238 238

Provision for Write Downs (M32)

Provision for non-departmental debt write-offs
711 (238) 473

Quota Shares/ACE Administration Costs (M32)

Administration costs associated with the sale of Crown Quota Shares and ACE (Annual Catch Entitlement).
24 - 24

Settlements (M32)

This expenditure relates to the recognition of negotiated settlements.
10,922 - 10,922

Total Non-Departmental Other Expenses

11,957 75 12,032

Departmental Capital Expenditure


Ministry of Fisheries - Capital Expenditure PLA (M32)

This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Ministry of Fisheries, as authorised by section 24(1) of the Public Finance Act 1989.
2,900 2,500 5,400

Total Departmental Capital Expenditure

2,900 2,500 5,400

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

114,518 4,839 119,357

Details of Projected Movements in Departmental
Net Assets#

Ministry of Fisheries

Ministry of Fisheries - Details of Projected Movements in Departmental Net Assets - Fisheries
Details of Net Asset Schedule 2009/10
Main Estimates Projections
Supplementary Estimates Projections
Explanation of Projected Movements in 2009/10
Opening Balance 13,361 13,361 Supplementary Estimates opening balance reflects the audited results as at 30 June 2009.
Capital Injections 60 60  
Capital Withdrawals (86) (86)  
Surplus to be Retained (Deficit Incurred) - -  
Other Movements - -  

Closing Balance

13,335 13,335