Supplementary estimates of appropriations

Vote Communications - Supplementary estimates and supporting information 2009/10

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister for Communications and Information Technology (M14)

ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Ministry of Economic Development


Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Communications
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Estimates

Departmental Output Expenses


Management and Enforcement of the Radiocommunications Act 1989 (M14)

Management of the radio spectrum, including technical arrangements for the allocation of spectrum, representation of New Zealand's international radio spectrum interests, and management of spectrum sales including costs associated with financial assistance for transition of radio licences when a management right is created or spectrum is allocated to a different use.
9,862 - 9,862

Policy Advice - Communications (M14)

This appropriation is limited to the following communications and ICT related issues; policy advice and ministerial servicing in relation to information technology, New Zealand's digital capability, telecommunications markets and regulation, broadband investment, postal services, and the allocation and management of the radio spectrum, and participation in international fora and trade agreements as this applies to New Zealand's ICT interests.
5,622 600 6,222

Total Departmental Output Expenses

15,484 600 16,084

Non-Departmental Output Expenses


Administrative Support for Telecommunications Relay Equipment and Services (M14)

This appropriation is limited to funding expenditure for administering contracts procuring the supply of telecommunications relay services textphones and other equipment for user access to relay service platforms (including video) and the cost for administering rental of relay user equipment and depreciating this equipment, together with sponsoring New Zealand Sign Language interpreter scholarships and the purchase of ancillary services to support the availability and uptake of relay services.
1,225 432 1,657

Broadband Investment (Crown company operating costs) (M14)

This appropriation is limited to the operational funding for the Crown-owned company which will function as the vehicle for investing and managing the Government's broadband infrastructure commitment.
6,000 (6,000) -

Enforcement of Telecommunications Sector Regulation (M14)

Purchase of services for dispute resolution over regulated telecommunication services and advice on possible future regulated services and Kiwi Share related issues.
7,790 - 7,790

Total Non-Departmental Output Expenses

15,015 (5,568) 9,447

Non-Departmental Other Expenses


Broadband Investment (Rural Supply) (M14)

This appropriation is limited to the provision of funding for grants or consumer subsidies relating to the deployment of broadband infrastructure in rural regions of New Zealand.
48,000 - 48,000

Contributions to International Telecommunications Organisations (M14)

The Crown's annual membership of the Asia Pacific Telecommunity and subscription to the International Telecommunications Union.
930 - 930

Total Non-Departmental Other Expenses

48,930 - 48,930

Non-Departmental Capital Expenditure


Accelerating Broadband (M14)

Development and implementation of mechanisms designed to accelerate investment in broadband infrastructure.
- 15,000 15,000

Acquisition of Textphone Equipment (M14)

To purchase textphones after the establishment of a textphone pool for deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired people.
610 (310) 300

Broadband Investment (Crown Company Capital Costs) (M14)

This appropriation is limited to the establishment of and provision of ongoing investment funding for a Crown-owned investment company which will function as the vehicle for investing and managing the Government's broadband infrastructure commitment.
200,000 5,400 205,400

Broadband Investment (Schools) (M14)

This appropriation is limited to making schools broadband ready, including providing schools with suitable internal networks to take advantage of fast or ultrafast broadband; meeting costs of the National Education Network trial; and programme and business case development.
34,000 (34,000) -

Total Non-Departmental Capital Expenditure

234,610 (13,910) 220,700

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

314,039 (18,878) 295,161