Supplementary estimates of appropriations

Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage - Supplementary estimates and supporting information 2009/10

MINISTER(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROPRIATIONS: Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage (M4), Minister of Broadcasting (M8)

ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Ministry for Culture and Heritage


Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Arts, Culture and Heritage
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Estimates

Departmental Output Expenses


Heritage Services (M4)

Management of new memorial projects, national monuments, war and historic graves; administration of legislation and grants; and research, writing and publication of New Zealand history and reference works including the on-line encyclopedia of New Zealand.
6,412 1,151 7,563

International Cultural Diplomacy (M4)

Management and delivery of an international cultural diplomacy programme through a series of projects and activities primarily focused on Asia, and in particular North Asia.
1,690 1 1,691

Policy Advice and Monitoring of Funded Agencies (M4)

This appropriation is limited to providing policy advice on arts, culture, heritage and broadcasting issues; monitoring the Crown's interests in sector agencies; and providing negotiated services to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and the Minister of Broadcasting.
8,063 (1,836) 6,227

Total Departmental Output Expenses

16,165 (684) 15,481

Non-Departmental Output Expenses


Management of Historic Places (M4)

Identification, registration, site recording and associated promotion of the conservation, protection and care of historic places, and purchasing of management services for properties, including maintenance work and provision of access for the public.
13,014 3,000 16,014

Museum Services (M4)

Collection development, collection management, public programmes and exhibitions, and repatriation of koiwi tangata.
24,644 2,000 26,644

Performing Arts Services (M4)

Providing opportunities for New Zealand audiences to experience high-quality live symphonic music, ballet and kapa haka performances; supporting the growth of the contemporary music industry; and encouraging participation in and appreciation of these art forms in New Zealand.
20,456 - 20,456

Promotion and Support of the Arts and Film (M4)

Contributing to the development of New Zealand's cultural identity and international profile; supporting access and participation by New Zealanders in the arts; encouraging and recognising innovation and excellence through the support of new work and presentation of New Zealand arts and film to New Zealanders.
19,300 (5,500) 13,800

Protection of Taonga Tuturu (M4)

Provision of services by authorised museums under the Protected Objects Act 1975 and conservation of newly found taonga tuturu.
79 60 139

Public Broadcasting Services (M8)

This appropriation is limited to providing funding for New Zealand television and radio programmes, music, archiving, broadcasting and transmission coverage; maintenance of codes and determination of complaints on broadcasting standards; and funding a national Pacific radio network and international radio and television services to the Pacific.
157,932 - 157,932

Total Non-Departmental Output Expenses

235,425 (440) 234,985

Non-Departmental Other Expenses


Commonwealth War Graves (M4)

This appropriation is limited to contributing to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission New Zealand's agreed contribution to the costs of its work in caring for the graves of the war dead.
3,243 (450) 2,793

Development and Maintenance of War Graves, Historic Graves and Monuments (M4)

This appropriation is limited to development and maintenance of war graves, historic graves and monuments in New Zealand and overseas.
516 11 527

Kerikeri Heritage Bypass (M4)

Contribution to costs of design, land purchase and construction of the Kerikeri Heritage Bypass to protect nationally significant heritage buildings (Kemp House and the Stone Store).
- 301 301

Regional Museums (M4)

This appropriation is limited to providing contributions to capital construction projects at Regional Museums.
8,000 - 8,000

Stabilisation of the Heritage Nurses' Hostel at Hanmer Springs (M4)

This appropriation is limited to provision of a one-off payment to the Hurunui District Council for work, including earthquake strengthening, required to bring the Nurses' Hostel, Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs, to a stable state.
- 1,500 1,500

Treaty of Waitangi Commemorations (M4)

This appropriation is limited to providing grants towards Treaty of Waitangi commemorations held at Waitangi and within communities elsewhere in New Zealand.
288 - 288

Total Non-Departmental Other Expenses

12,047 1,362 13,409

Departmental Capital Expenditure


Ministry for Culture and Heritage - Capital Expenditure PLA (M4)

This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, as authorised by section 24(1) of the Public Finance Act 1989.
225 173 398

Total Departmental Capital Expenditure

225 173 398

Non-Departmental Capital Expenditure


Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (M4)

Capital expenditure for museum operations, exhibition research and development, and acquisition of collection items.
9,000 - 9,000

National War Memorial (M4)

This appropriation is limited to capital expenditure at the National War Memorial.
- 132 132

New Zealand Memorial Park (M4)

Capital expenditure for the establishment of a New Zealand Memorial Park in Wellington.
- 350 350

Total Non-Departmental Capital Expenditure

9,000 482 9,482

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

272,862 893 273,755

Details of Multi-Year Appropriations#

Multi-Year Appropriations - Arts, Culture and Heritage
Type, Title, Scope and Period of Appropriations Appropriations, Adjustments and Use $000

Non-Departmental Other Expenses


New Zealand Screen Production Incentive Fund (M4)

This appropriation is limited to grant payments for eligible producers of New Zealand feature film, television or other format screen productions that meet the qualifying tests as set by the New Zealand Film Commission, and co-investment by the New Zealand Film Commission in such productions.

Commences: 1 July 2008

Expires: 30 June 2013

Original Appropriation 68,500
Adjustments for 2008/09 -
Adjustments to 2009/10 -
Adjusted Appropriation 68,500
Actual to 2008/09 Year End 2,000
Estimated Actual for 2009/10 10,906
Estimated Actual for 2010/11 18,531
Estimated Appropriation Remaining 37,063

Details of Projected Movements in Departmental
Net Assets#

Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Ministry for Culture and Heritage - Details of Projected Movements in Departmental Net Assets - Arts, Culture and Heritage
Details of Net Asset Schedule 2009/10
Main Estimates Projections
Supplementary Estimates Projections
Explanation of Projected Movements in 2009/10
Opening Balance 1,132 1,132 Supplementary Estimates opening balance reflects the audited results as at 30 June 2009.
Capital Injections - -  
Capital Withdrawals - -  
Surplus to be Retained (Deficit Incurred) - -  
Other Movements - -  

Closing Balance

1,132 1,132