He Tirohanga Mokopuna (2016)

The Treasury's 2016 Statement on the Long Term Fiscal Position and related background material.

He Tirohanga Mokopuna (2016)

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He Tirohanga Mokopuna, the Treasury's 2016 Statement on New Zealand's Long-Term Fiscal Position, was published on 22 November 2016. 

A number of trends will affect New Zealand's future living standards, including demographics – and an ageing population. This Statement recognises that we cannot consider the fiscal impacts of these trends in isolation from their wider impact on living standards. This Statement also builds on the 2014 Treasury narrative around priorities for New Zealand's future, Holding On and Letting Go: Opportunities and challenges for New Zealand's economic performance - A perspective from the Treasury. This work will provide the foundations for the Treasury's future strategic documents, particularly the next Investment Statement, due by 2018.

The Public Finance Act (1989) requires the Treasury to produce a Statement on the Crown's Long-Term Fiscal Position at least every four years. These statements provide 40-year projections on the fiscal position, identify challenges that will face future governments, such as those arising from society's ageing population, and provide members of the public with information on evidence-based options for meeting those challenges. 

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