Statement of intent

Statement of Intent 2017-2021

Formats and related files

This was presented to the House of Representatives Pursuant to Section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989 on 12 June 2018.



Minister’s Foreword
Chief Executive’s Statement
Overview of our Statement of Intent
Our Strategy – at a glance
Our Context

  • Our Core Functions and Responsibilities
  • Our Ministers and Stakeholders
  • Global Trends

What will we do?

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Business Objectives
  • Our Strategic Priorities
    • Priority One: Intergenerational Wellbeing
    • Priority Two: System Stewardship
    • Priority Three: Performance Reporting

How will we work?

  • Our Foundations
  • Our Critical Capabilities
  • The Living Standards Framework
  • Our Values
  • Diversity and Inclusion

How will we measure our success?

  • Outcomes Framework
  • Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders
  • Economic Performance
  • State Sector Performance
  • Crown Fiscal Performance

Strategic Risks and Implementation