Insights interactive tool (decommissioned)

In June 2017, the Treasury launched an online interactive tool called Insights. This tool used anonymous data from Statistics NZ's Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) and presented it in an easy-to-use interactive format, which included data visualisation and mapping tools.

Insights was a prototype, designed to make integrated administrative data accessible to a wide audience. Other similar sites were subsequently developed, and the Insights tool was decommissioned at the end of July 2021.

More recent data can be found at:

Living Standards Framework – Dashboard (

Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand – Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa | Stats NZ.

Detailed information on the data behind the Insights website can be found in the following Treasury publications: 

Where we come from, where we go - Describing population change in New Zealand.

Insights - informing policies and services for at-risk children and youth.

All information used in Insights was anonymous - no individuals were identified in these data. While care was taken to ensure the statistics were reliable, they were not official statistics and were provided on the basis they were to be treated with caution.