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Working papers

Introduction to the Working Papers series published by the Treasury which contains work in progress and research on a variety of economic, financial, trade and social issues.

The Working Papers series includes new empirical research relevant to understanding the New Zealand economy or the impact of economic policy in New Zealand, theoretical frameworks relevant for understanding microeconomic or macroeconomic behaviour or the impact of a policy proposal, or syntheses of literature.

The papers do not themselves represent policy advice, nor do they represent the views of the Treasury or the Government. See

The Treasury's Publications Committee coordinates the selection, peer review and quality control of papers selected for publication in the Working Papers series.

Purpose of the Working Papers Series

The Treasury's aim in publishing Working Papers is to make these ideas available to a wider audience and to inform and encourage public debate, with the ultimate aim of informing the Treasury's policy advice.

Online Publication Only

Working Papers have been published as a formal series of publications since 1998; some earlier 'working papers' were published in 1997 and 1998.

Please note that these papers are electronic publications - the Treasury does not print or provide printed copies.

Working Papers each have a reference number indicating the year and sequence it was published eg, WP 21/02 was the second Working Paper published in 2021.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023