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Publications Committee

The Treasury's Publications Committee is an internal committee that oversees the publication of papers in the Working Papers series.

Role of the Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is drawn from Treasury staff.

The Publications Committee's role includes coordinating the selection, peer review and quality control of papers selected for publication in the Working Papers series. It does not oversee the Analytical Papers series or the Treasury Papers series.

Contacting the Publications Committee and Authors of Working Papers

Working Papers reflect the views of their individual authors and not the Treasury or the Government.

The email addresses and other contact details of authors are frequently published in their papers, but these details may no longer be current and authors may not necessarily be current or former employees of the Treasury. However, the Publications Committee can assist with putting enquirers in touch with the authors of papers.

The Publications Committee can be reached through Information Services at the Treasury.

Media enquiries about research and policy publications should be directed to the Communications team at the Treasury.

Last updated: 
Thursday, 23 November 2017