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Other paper series and details

This section highlights some of the other paper series by the Treasury as well as further background details around the publishing of papers.

In this section

  • Policy perspectives papers

    Introduction to the Treasury Policy Perspectives Papers series published by the Treasury between 2005 and 2009.

  • Productivity papers

    This series of Treasury Papers focuses on New Zealand's productivity performance and policy. Six papers were released in 2008, one paper in 2009 and one paper in 2010.
  • Treasury papers

    Treasury Papers are usually authored by Treasury and express its views on a specific issue or topic.

  • Treasury staff insights: Rangitaki

    Treasury Staff Insights: Rangitaki are online articles prepared by individual staff members or by teams in the Treasury. Our aims are to share more of our thinking and to showcase the analysis and research of our talented staff.
  • Disclaimer for research and commentary publications

    A disclaimer applies to papers in three of the Treasury's research and commentary papers series - Working Papers, Analytical Papers and Policy Perspectives Papers - and to Treasury Staff Insights: Rangitaki articles.
  • Publications Committee

    The Treasury's Publications Committee is an internal committee that oversees the publication of papers in the Working Papers series.

  • Email alerts for new research and commentary publications

    The Treasury offers an email alert service for people interested in being alerted when new Working Papers, Analytical Papers and Treasury Papers are published on the Treasury website.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018