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Monthly economic indicators

The Monthly Economic Indicators (MEI) publication is a stock-take of economic data releases.

The MEI is prepared by the Forecasting team in the Treasury. The MEI includes a commentary on the major data releases over the previous month and an annex with more detailed charts and source data.

The MEI will be of interest to those seeking a regular update of developments in the New Zealand economy. The August 2001 MEI was the first public release of this publication on the Treasury website.

In April 2020 the Treasury commenced publication of a weekly COVID-19 Economic Dashboard, which has been included in the Weekly Economic Updates since 31 July 2020. As long as the Weekly Economic Update continues to be published weekly (including the Dashboard), the Monthly Economic Indicators report will not be produced.

You can find these publications on the COVID-19 economic commentary page.

Disclaimer for Monthly Economic Indicators

The Treasury has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this report is reliable, but makes no guarantee of its accuracy or completeness and does not accept any liability for any errors. The information and opinions contained in this report are not intended to be used as a basis for commercial decisions and the Treasury accepts no liability for any decisions made in reliance on them. The Treasury may change, add to, delete from, or otherwise amend the contents of this report at any time without notice.

Recent monthly economic indicators

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Monday, 30 August 2021