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Analytical notes

Analytical notes are relatively short papers that explain interesting and stand-alone findings of analytical work by Treasury staff. They include technical material but this is presented in technical appendices at the end of the notes, so that readers can focus on the insights from the analysis and how they help the Treasury do its job.

The viewpoints expressed in Analytical Notes are those of the authors, and do not represent official government policy, but the author's analysis and research has been sought by the Treasury to inform policy advice. See:

The Treasury's aim in publishing Analytical Notes is to make analysis and research informing its policy advice available to a wider audience and to inform and encourage public debate. Where possible the related code and data sets will be published with Analytical Notes.

Online publication only

Analytical Notes are available online in PDF and HTML formats only. The HTML version may not be available immediately. The Treasury does not print or provide printed copies.

Analytical Notes each have a reference number indicating the year and sequence it was published eg, AN 22/01 is the first Analytical Note published in 2022.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023