Productivity hub: Sausage roll seminars

The Productivity Commission's Sausage Roll seminars were an opportunity to share and discuss policy-relevant research that were still in progress. Copies of presentation slides from past seminars are available on this page.

Sausage Roll Seminars
Doc. Date Sort ascending Creator Title
Diewert, Erwin; Fox, Kevin J
O'Fallon, Carolyn; Riggs, Lynn; Ta, Quy; Stevens, Philip
Stevens, Philip
Allan, Corey; Maré, David (Dave) C; Hyslop, Dean
Riggs, Lynn; Ta, Quy; Stevens, Philip; O'Fallon, Carolyn
Wright, Tod; Nguyen, Hien
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; Riggs, Lynn; Isaacs, Nigel; White, Vicki
Fabling, Richard
New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga; Nunns, Peter; Ouellet, Hannah
Thakurta, Amelia Guha; Wesselbaum, Dennis