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Pacific Strategy 2022-25: Ua gatasi le futia ma le umele

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The Treasury's Pacific Strategy 2022-25: Ua gatasi le futia ma le umele was launched in May 2022. 

The Pacific Strategy 2022-25 refreshes the inaugural Pacific Strategy 2016-20: Le tofa mamao ma le fa'autautaga – the title of which means ‘wisdom to visualise the future and the ability to take us there'. 

'Ua gatasi le futia ma le umele', the title of the Pacific Strategy 2022-25, is a traditional proverb that highlights the partnership necessary to achieving the results the fisherman looks for in chasing the mighty bonito tuna. In the context of the Treasury, it relates to reinforcing the balance between our internal and external capabilities as we build on and continue the journey we began with the Treasury's inaugural Pacific Strategy of 2016. 

Lifting living standards and wellbeing #

As has been the case with the Treasury’s inaugural Pacific Strategy: 2016-20, the Pacific Strategy 2022-25: Ua gatasi le futia ma le umele is an important element of the Treasury's vision of lifting living standards and wellbeing for all New Zealanders. And the Treasury, in its refresh of the Living Standards Framework, recognises that the engagement of Pacific New Zealanders in all facets of the economy and society is necessary for the New Zealand of the future to have a robust, sustainable, and competitive economy – with strong and independent families and communities. It's anticipated that the Strategy’s accompanying implementation plan will help internalise our approach to delivering better outcomes for Pacific people. 

The Strategy and its implementation are also important to enabling internal collective efforts towards strengthening the Treasury, by building our internal capabilities in our policy and operational practices – including our thinking and approach to diversity and inclusion.