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Treasury Steve Leith Wins Young Chartered Accountant Award

Treasury staff member Steve Leith has been named Young Chartered Accountant of the Year for 2002. The Chartered Accountant of the Year Awards recognise the achievements of New Zealand's top professional accountants. Steve is a Principal Advisor in the Treasury's Budget and Macroeconomic Branch.

"I'm delighted for Steve that his work has been recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants," said Acting Secretary to the Treasury, John Whitehead.

"One of Steve's major achievements at the Treasury has been as project leader for the development of line-by-line consolidation of State-owned enterprises and Crown entities into the Crown financial statements and forecasts. This included assessing the impact of accounting methods on Government fiscal objectives.

"The enormity of this task can be appreciated when you consider that there are almost 3000 Crown entities, and that consolidated statements will be published nine times a year," said Mr Whitehead.

The first set of fully-consolidated quarterly accounts will be released on 8 November.

"I understand that there was an extremely strong field for the Awards and it is a real credit to Steve that he was chosen to receive this honour, " said Mr Whitehead.


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