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Treasury publishes performance review and annual report

The Treasury has today tabled its Annual Report in Parliament and published it online, along with a review of progress the Treasury has made since its initial Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) review was published last year.

The PIF is a joint central agency initiative designed to help improve the performance of the government agencies.

Secretary to The Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf said today: “I deliberately sought the follow-up review because I wanted an external assessment of the progress we have made as an organisation. It tells me and the Treasury that the work we’ve been doing over the past year is paying off.”

“It also tells us that the Treasury is on a journey, and I fully expected this. I know that the Treasury’s managers and staff are committed to our vision of higher living standards for New Zealanders, and are keen to achieve results. We’ve made good progress but we need to keep moving with pace,” Mr Makhlouf said.

In the annual report, Mr Makhlouf says that the Treasury has been evolving over recent years. It has new leadership, is working in different ways than it used to, does a lot more work than it used to, recruits a more diverse range of people, and is taking a far more outward looking approach to its work.

“Our vision is to be a world-class Treasury working towards higher living standards for New Zealanders. Development of our Living Standards Framework is one of the highlights of the Treasury’s year. It’s a clear demonstration that the Treasury has a broader view of the world than just GDP growth,” Mr Makhlouf said.

“We’re pleased with our progress and have an action plan in place that will help us achieve further progress and bring our vision to life,” he said.

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