Media statement

The Treasury opens consultation on New Zealand’s long-term fiscal challenges

Consultation opened today seeking feedback on the topics the Treasury proposes to include in its long-term fiscal statement, the report which guides future governments in making policy and funding decisions.

“The statement looks 40 years into the future, to inform commentary and discussion and to help decision makers assess policy options that might be considered, said Treasury Secretary Caralee McLiesh.

“This year, we will incorporate our first long-term insights briefing to the Minister of Finance, examining the medium to long-term trends, risks and opportunities to New Zealand through our core fiscal stewardship lens. The combined statement will help us analyse key trends and their long-term fiscal impacts directly alongside the range of policy options available to address their impacts on New Zealanders’ wellbeing.

“We’re looking for input on the topics we’re proposing to cover, views on how best to assess those topics, and suggestions for relevant material we could draw on in the development of the report.”

A consultation document and information on how to make a submission can be found on the Treasury website at Consulting on New Zealand’s long-term fiscal challenges

Written submissions close on 26 March 2021.

In addition to consulting on the subject matter of the report, the Treasury will also be consulting on a draft of the report in mid-2021 and publishing background material on its website from now until the report is released. If you’d like to be kept up to date on the Treasury’s work in this and other areas, you can subscribe to our Te Tai Ōhanga newsletter Te Tai Ōhanga Stakeholder Newsletter.

The Treasury’s 2021 Statement on the long-term fiscal position and the long-term insights briefing will be published before the end of September 2021.