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Original Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme payments completed

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010
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More than 38,000 depositors have been paid under the original Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme that expired this year, after the finance companies they invested with defaulted on their obligations.

"The scheme was an emergency measure to ensure confidence at a time when the world’s financial systems were in crisis," Treasury Deputy Secretary Financial Operations Philip Combes said.

Eight financial institutions defaulted while participating in the scheme, which started in October 2008 and ended on 12 October this year, with taxpayers funding approximately $1.83 billion of repayments.

"The final cost to taxpayers will be lower than the total paid to depositors but will depend on how much is recovered from the firms that triggered the guarantee," Mr Combes said.  

"The companies that defaulted now owe the Crown and the Treasury is seeking to recover money on taxpayers’ behalf," Mr Combes said.

Payments to depositors with five of the Crown guaranteed financial institutions were completed in late October and payments for depositors with the remaining three were completed last week. Two Viaduct Capital depositors are not yet due for payment because the Trustee for Viaduct Capital chose not to accelerate the maturity date of deposits.

"Approximately 45 depositors (or 0.1% of the 38,600 total) could not be traced using the available address and account information. These depositors are still eligible for approximately $0.1 million worth of payments in total. We know who these depositors are but not how to get in touch with them. I encourage these depositors to call toll-free on 0800-220-010 to provide their address details," Mr Combes said.

The Treasury expects to start repaying depositors with Equitable Mortgages Limited in the first quarter of 2011. Equitable Mortgages was placed into receivership on 26 November 2010 and eligible depositors holding eligible debt securities issued by Equitable Mortgages will be repaid under the terms of the extended Crown guarantee.

Company Depositors Amount paid
(rounded to nearest $0.5m)

Mascot Finance

2,494 $70.0m

Strata Finance

17 $0.5m

Vision Securities

967 $30.0m

Rockforte Finance

66 $3.5m

Viaduct Capital

88 $7.5m

Mutual Finance

329 $9.0m

Allied Nationwide

4,094 $131.0m

South Canterbury

30,404 $1580.0m


38,459 $1831.5m



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Friday, 10 December 2010