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New Zealand Statement to AIIB Board of Governors

Dear fellow Governors

I would like to thank the Republic of Korea for hosting the second Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

I would like to congratulate President Jin Liqun and AIIB staff on how this institution has developed over the past year. The many new members in the process of joining the AIIB are a testament to its success so far.

I am delighted that the theme of this Annual Meeting is ‘Sustainable Infrastructure’, given the strong alignment with the AIIB’s core mandate.

Consistent with this theme, I am pleased to see that the AIIB’s Energy Sector Strategy embraces Sustainable Energy for All, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the Paris Agreement, and that the Strategy outlines the AIIB’s plans to proactively support renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

As the OECD sets out in its new publication, Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth, countries can achieve strong and inclusive economic growth while at the same time reorientating their economies towards low greenhouse gas emission pathways.

As a multi-lateral institution with a focus on fostering sustainable economic growth through investments in infrastructure, the AIIB is well placed to make a contribution towards ensuring that economic growth and climate objectives progress hand-in-hand.

We look forward to seeing the Energy Sector Strategy being put into action to take us forward in this ambition.


Gabriel Makhlouf
Alternate Governor for New Zealand


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