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National Infrastructure Advisory Board: Report shows good progress but ongoing infrastructure challenges

National Infrastructure Advisory Board Chair Dr Rod Carr has welcomed the publication of the 2012 National State of Infrastructure Report today. The Report was prepared by Treasury's National Infrastructure Unit to provide an update on progress and challenges in the infrastructure sector.

"Just over a year on from the release of the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan, it is pleasing to see the Government's ongoing prioritisation and investment in New Zealand's infrastructure," says Dr Carr.

The Plan set a bold vision 'By 2030 New Zealand's infrastructure is resilient and coordinated and contributes to economic growth and increased quality of life.' The Plan also included a commitment to report annually on progress.

"As shown in the 2012 National State of Infrastructure Report, the last year has seen a continued commitment from central and local government and businesses to invest in infrastructure - especially in transport, telecommunications and ultrafast broadband, irrigation and the energy sector, including the national electricity transmission grid," says Dr Carr.

"A number of the challenges identified a year ago remain, including the need to develop a better information base about what our future demands are and how our current infrastructure is performing. This information directly relates to being able to measure the outcomes and expectations from the Plan - the better use of existing infrastructure and better allocation of new investment.

"Over the next year we expect to see significant progress being made to improve this information base and look forward to participating in the workshops the National Infrastructure Unit will be running.

"There have also been a number of new challenges arise, especially in Auckland and Christchurch - while strong visions are being shaped for these cities, the potential cost is very large and we must ensure all investment is well analysed, strategically aligned to land use and transport policies, and resilient or future proofed to meet our changing needs."

Dr Carr noted that the ongoing challenge posed by the constrained fiscal environment requires new thinking and debates around better managing the use or demand on existing infrastructure and alternative means of funding the necessary investment.

To help progress discussion, the National Infrastructure Advisory Board has written a series of think-pieces as part of the Report. These cover: the future management of water in Canterbury; demand management and road pricing; proposed transport investment and planning for Auckland; focus on Christchurch; and risk and resilience.

"We hope that the think pieces stimulate discussion and encourage collaboration across the infrastructure community," say Dr Carr.

"On behalf of the National Infrastructure Advisory Board, I acknowledge the contribution that various peak bodies and infrastructure providers have made to the Report and would like to thank the National Infrastructure Unit for bringing it together. We believe it is a useful document that builds on the Plan and takes us a another step towards ensuring that by 2030 New Zealand's infrastructure is resilient and coordinated and contributes to economic growth and increased quality of life."

Further information#

The National Infrastructure Advisory Board was established to advise the National Infrastructure Unit (NIU) and the Minister of Finance and is made up of members from the private sector and outside central government.

The Board provides both the Minister and the NIU with advice and perspectives on infrastructure project appraisal, capital asset management issues and the development and implementation of the National Infrastructure Plan.

The current members of the Board are: Dr Rod Carr (Chair), Lindsay Crossen, Margaret Devlin, Kathryn Edmonds, Edward Guy, Dr Terrence Heiler, John Rae and Alex Sundakov.

Further information on the Board, including profiles of the members is available here on the NIU website.


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