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Enhancing government’s use of investment reviews

Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf welcomes the Auditor-General’s report on the use of GatewayTM reviews for public sector projects. “The Auditor-General’s findings align with the Treasury’s ongoing work to strengthen how the Crown manages its investments and assets”, Mr Makhlouf says.

Gateway reviews were introduced by the government in 2008 to support agencies to achieve promised benefits from how they manage critical programmes and projects.

The Treasury is tailoring how Gateway reviews are used alongside other tools in the investment management system, such as Major Projects Monitoring and the Investor Confidence Rating.

“To ensure that taxpayer money delivers outcomes as effectively as possible, the Treasury will also refine how lessons from investment reviews like Gateway are shared across the State sector”, Mr Makhlouf says. 

“It’s good to see Gateway reviews are providing value to agencies that lead significant projects and programmes. Strengthening how we use these insights can more readily support the Crown to achieve promised results.

“Investment reviews play an important role in setting agencies up for success. They highlight what agencies need to manage programmes and projects in a way that delivers the full value of these investments.”

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