Media statement

Budget 2007 Information Release

The Treasury has released on its website a significant amount of information relating to Budget 2007, in anticipation of (and in response to) information requests. The main webpage for the release is

This year's release in part reflects the kind of information most frequently requested in earlier years, and includes:

  • key documents: key documents relating to Ministers' development of the Budget 2007 strategy and decisions to implement that strategy, including Cabinet papers and Treasury Budget reports

  • Cabinet minutes by Vote: Cabinet minutes recording decisions by Cabinet and Cabinet committees organised by Vote

  • bilateral briefings: briefing papers prepared by the Treasury and departments to assist with the bilateral meetings held between the Minister of Finance and Vote Ministers

  • KiwiSaver: joint department reports (the Inland Revenue Department and the Treasury) and Cabinet minutes relating to the enhancements to KiwiSaver announced in Budget 2007

  • Business Tax Reform: joint department reports (the IRD and the Treasury) and Cabinet papers relating to the Business Tax Reform announced in Budget 2007


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