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Regulatory impact statements

A regulatory impact statement (RIS) provides a high-level summary of the problem being addressed, the options and their associated costs and benefits, the consultation undertaken, and the proposed arrangements for implementation and review.

Publication of regulatory impact statements 

To help ensure that the regulatory process is open and transparent, RISs prepared to support the consideration of regulatory proposals are published at the time the relevant bill is introduced to Parliament or the regulation is gazetted, or at the time of Ministerial release

The RISs are published on the responsible department's website, and here on the Treasury website.

RISs authored by the Treasury are usually available in HTML and Adobe PDF formats. RISs authored by another agency will be provided in Adobe PDF format with a link to where the RIS is available on the agency's own website.

RISs are listed in chronological order according to the date the related bill was introduced to Parliament or the related regulations were gazetted, or the time of Ministerial release.

How to publish

To publish a RIS on the Treasury website, please create a proposal in RIA Online and fill in the publication form. See Impact Analysis Requirements for Regulatory Proposals for details on how to sign up to RIA Online.

Contact for Enquiries

Regulatory Strategy Team
Email: [email protected]

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Monday, 25 July 2022