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Infrastructure 2013: National State of Infrastructure Report

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The 2013 National Infrastructure Report is the second annual “State of the Nation Report” prepared by the National Infrastructure Unit (NIU).  Producing an annual report was a commitment made in the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan (the Plan).  The purpose of this report is to look at progress and happenings over the past year, identifying key areas of progress against the outcomes and principles of the Plan.  The report also briefly looks at some of the outstanding opportunities and challenges ahead and identifies the priority areas for focus from a Plan perspective. The format is similar to the 2012 report and the Plan, with a separate page on each infrastructure sector and special reports on Auckland and Christchurch.

The National Infrastructure Advisory Board have written a foreword, and “hope that this Report provides an interesting and useful update on the state of New Zealand’s infrastructure, and upcoming developments; however, it is not an end product in itself, but an update on the journey towards efficient and effective infrastructure throughout New Zealand, enabling economic growth and increased productivity.   This report highlights areas that are of interest or in particular need of attention, and we welcome feedback on these.”

The report is accompanied by a media statement from the Chair of the National Infrastructure Advisory Board, and a media statement from the Minister of Finance.