Information release

Viaduct Capital Limited - Repayment Information for Investors - Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Viaduct Capital Limited was placed into receivership on 14 May 2010, triggering the Crown guarantee. Read the media statement by Brian McCulloch, Treasury’s Director of Financial Operations: Crown's guarantee scheme covers Viaduct Capital Limited depositors (14 May 2010).

Disclaimer: The information on this web page is provided for guidance only. The full terms of the relevant deeds signed by institutions approved to participate in the scheme (not the terms of these guidance notes) are the rules that govern all arrangements pertaining to the Crown's guarantee and its obligations to eligible depositors.

Repayment of All Depositors#

No Repayments after Guarantee Withdrawn#

The Crown guarantee was withdrawn from Viaduct Capital on 20 April 2009 so debt securities issued by Viaduct Capital on or after 20 April 2009 will not be repaid. Debt securities issued by Viaduct Capital before 20 April 2009 will be repaid.

Progress of the Repayment Process#

The Treasury has completed repayment of depositors under the terms of the Crown guarantee. If you have questions in relation to your payment please call our paying agent, Computershare Investor Services, on their toll-free telephone number: 0800-220-010.