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Tax Papers - Budget 2010 Information Release

Documents on this page are the advice the government received from Treasury (and in many cases Inland Revenue) regarding the final Tax Working Group report and the development of the 2010 Budget tax package. This includes Treasury reports; Inland Revenue reports; joint reports; Cabinet papers and minutes; aide memoires and briefing notes.

Many of the documents released here contain data provided by Statistics New Zealand, from the Survey of Family, Income and Employment and the Household Economic Survey. This data was provided in a secure environment designed to give effect to the confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975. The analysis and any errors contained in these reports are those of the authors, not Statistics New Zealand.

Pages comprising this Information Release

There are seven pages comprising the Budget 2008 (8 July 2008) Information Release:

See Deletions to Documents on the Budget 2010 Information Release home page for an explanation of why deletions may have been made to some of these documents.


Accessible versions

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request HTML versions.

Budget 2010 Information Release: Tax Papers
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