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Survey of Treasury Stakeholders

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015
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The Treasury surveys its key stakeholders every two years to assess the effectiveness of its stakeholder communication and engagement activities, and to gather feedback on opportunities for improvement.

Our most recent survey was completed in December 2019 and presented to the Treasury in early 2020, just as we began leading work across government to support the COVID-19 economic response.

We were able to quickly apply insights from this survey to engage with stakeholders on their most pressing issues throughout 2020 and into 2021. These engagements have been invaluable in helping to inform the Treasury’s policy advice and conversations with Ministers. Our blog 2020: The Treasury’s ‘Year of COVID’ provides more detail.

In January 2021 we launched our Te Tai Ōhanga newsletter as a further way to connect with stakeholders and share our work. 


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Monday, 19 April 2021