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Securing Your Future Information Releases

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Friday, 18 May 2007
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This information release page and its linked files are no longer actively updated. They remain publicly available but have 'Archived' status in accordance with the New Zealand Government Web Usability Standard 1.3 (1 July 2019).

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In May 2005 the Treasury released documents that show the key stages of policy development leading to the Securing Your Future savings package announcements in Budget 2005.

The material released has comprised key Treasury and departments' advice (released on 5 July 2005) and Cabinet papers (released on 19 May 2005). The savings measures included a work based saving scheme (KiwiSaver), home ownership assistance and a proposed tertiary education savings scheme.

Deletions Made under the Official Information Act

Some of the content of these documents has been deleted where this is considered necessary to enable commercial negotiations without prejudice or disadvantage or where the release of information would be likely to unreasonably prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied or who is the subject of the information or to protect the confidentiality of advice tendered by Ministers of the Crown and officials (sections 9(2)(j), 9(2)(b)(ii) and 9(2)(f)(iv) of the Official Information Act 1982).


Accessible versions

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request HTML versions.

Securing Your Future Documents Released on 19 May 2005
02-05-2005 Cabinet Office
02-05-2005 Office of the Minister of Finance
13-04-2005 Cabinet Office
11-04-2005 Cabinet Office
11-04-2005 Cabinet Office
11-04-2005 Cabinet Office
06-04-2005 Office of the Minister of Finance
06-04-2005 Cabinet Office
06-04-2005 Office of the Minister of Finance; Office of the Minister of Housing
06-04-2005 Cabinet Office
06-04-2005 Minister of Education; Minister of Finance
06-04-2005 Cabinet Office

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