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Reserve Bank Act Review Phase 2 Consultation 3 Submission - Proactive Release

Issue date: 
Tuesday, 16 February 2021
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Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021
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In the interests of transparency and in order to help inform public debate, additional documents relating to both phases of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act Review are being released.

The stakeholder submissions for Consultation 3 of Phase 2 are linked below. This consultation was on the design of the new prudential regulatory system, including deposit insurance and crisis management.

The stakeholder submissions for Consultation 3 of Phase 2, as well as a summary of these submissions, are linked below.

Documents released
04-12-2020 Reserve Bank of New Zealand; The Treasury
02-11-2020 Anonymous
30-09-2020 Body, Andrew
01-10-2020 Trustee Corporations Association
19-10-2020 Institute of Directors New Zealand
22-10-2020 The New Zealand Initiative
22-10-2020 Society for Alternative Housing Developments Inc
22-10-2020 BusinessNZ
22-10-2020 Insurance Council of New Zealand
22-10-2020 Mayne Wetherell
22-10-2020 Australian Securitisation Forum
23-10-2020 New Zealand Housing Foundation
23-10-2020 Financial Services Federation
23-10-2020 Community Housing Aotearoa
23-10-2020 Stojkov, Jaja
23-10-2020 Jensen, Simon
23-10-2020 BNZ
23-10-2020 Non-bank Mutuals
23-10-2020 Anonymous
02-11-2020 Finance Company Sector
02-11-2020 Taylor, Martin
22-10-2020 Prospa
02-11-2020 Spencer, Grant
23-10-2020 Financial Services Council
02-11-2020 Cooperative Housing NZ Incorporated
27-10-2020 INFINZ
28-10-2020 New Zealand Bankers Association
30-10-2020 ASB
30-10-2020 Heartland Bank
30-10-2020 SBS Bank; The Co-operative Bank Limited; TSB Bank Limited
03-11-2020 Christian Savings Limited
08-09-2020 Bell Gully
31-07-2020 InvestNow
29-06-2020 Duggan, Wendy
06-04-2020 Sullivan, Dan
13-03-2020 Reserve Bank of New Zealand; The Treasury
12-03-2020 Reserve Bank of New Zealand; The Treasury
09-03-2020 The Treasury
04-03-2020 Office of the Minister of Finance

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021