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Research into New Zealand Income Mobility and Deprivation

The Treasury has released a report, prepared for the Ministers, on independent research it commissioned into changes in income and deprivation between 2002 and 2009.

University of Otago researchers Dr Kristie Carter and Dr Fiona Imlach Gunasekara analysed data in the Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE). The University of Otago has published the researchers' paper 'Dynamics of Income and Deprivation in New Zealand 2002-2009' on the University of Otago website's Publications of SoFIE-Health (HIRP) page.

Read the related media advisory by the Treasury: Research into New Zealand income mobility and deprivation (9 May 2012).

The report is available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request an HTML version.  Using PDF Files

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