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Rail Policy Advice and Valuation of KiwiRail Information Release

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Thursday, 4 June 2009
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This information release page and its linked files are no longer actively updated. They remain publicly available but have 'Archived' status in accordance with the New Zealand Government Web Usability Standard 1.3 (1 July 2019).

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In June 2009 the Treasury released advice to ministers on rail subsidies by Treasury and CCMAU, as well as recent information on the value of KiwiRail at the date the New Zealand Railways Corporation purchased the company from the Crown.

Some of the content of these documents has been deleted in line with the provisions of the Official Information Act.

Read the related media statement by Hon Steven Joyce, Minister of Transport: Taxpayers pay big for Labour's rail dream (4 June 2009).

Accessible versions

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request HTML versions.

Doc. Date Creator Title View/Download
1 Sep 2008 The Treasury Treasury Report T2008/1789: Crown Rail Operator: Funding and Investment
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-t2008-1789.pdf(194 KB)

26 Nov 2008 The Treasury Treasury Report T2008/2194: Rail Output Agreements and Appropriations
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-t2008-2194.pdf(490 KB)

8 Dec 2008 The Treasury Treasury Aide Memoire to Office of the Minister of Finance: NZ Railways Corporation (KiwiRail): Background Advice
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-am-tsy-mof-8dec08.pdf(539 KB)

17 Feb 2009 The Treasury & CCMAU Treasury/CCMAU Report: Joint Officials Report on Rail Funding and Policy
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-tsy-ccmau-17feb09.pdf(958 KB)

19 Feb 2009 The Treasury Treasury Presentation Slides: Rail Discussion with MoF/AMoF 19 February 2009
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-tsy-pres-19feb09.pdf(148 KB)

2 Mar 2009 The Treasury Treasury Report T2009/402: Government Framework for Rail Policy and Funding
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-t2009-402.pdf(316 KB)

16 Mar 2009 Office of the Minister of Finance Memorandum for Cabinet: Government Framework for Rail Policy and Funding
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-cab-09-135.pdf(437 KB)

15 May 2009 The Treasury Treasury Report T2009/1218: Sale Price of KiwiRail to NZRC: Valuation
Released 4 Jun 2009
rs-t2009-1218.pdf(202 KB)

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Thursday, 4 June 2009