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Policy Targets Agreements Information Release

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Monday, 26 March 2018
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The Treasury periodically releases briefing material provided to the Minister of Finance relevant to the new Policy Targets Agreement (PTA)

Once a PTA has been agreed between the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Reserve Bank) and is in the public domain, the Treasury takes the view that there is likely to be significant interest in making public its advice leading up to the new PTA.

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2018 Policy Targets Agreement

5 Feb 2018 The Treasury Treasury Report: Policy Targets Agreement March 2018
19 Feb 2018 Hon Grant Robertson Reserve Bank of New Zealand: New Policy Targets Agreement
19 Mar 2018 Hon Grant Robertson Cabinet Paper - Reserve Bank of New Zealand: New Policy Targets Agreement

2017 Policy Targets Agreement

26 Apr 2017 The Treasury Treasury Report T2017/981: Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Appointment of Governor
4 May 2017 The Treasury Appointment of the Reserve Bank Governor - OIA Response

2002 Policy Targets Agreement

14 Aug 2002 The Treasury Treasury Report T2002/1068: Appointment of a New Governor: Policy Targets and Relationship Expectations
Released 19 Sep 2002. Provides Treasury's views on the performance of monetary policy, options for the design of an inflation target and the Treasury's preferred approach. In addition it discusses the Minister's future relationship with the new Governor.
19 Aug 2002 The Treasury Treasury Report T2002/1088: Aide-Memoire: Appointment of a Governor - Process and PTA Issues
Released 19 Sep 2002. Recaps Treasury advice on the PTA and sets out a recommended process for negotiating the PTA and expediting the appointment of a new Governor.
17 September 2002 The Treasury & Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Joint press statement by the Minister of Finance and the Reserve Bank Governor, Dr Alan Bollard on the Beehive web site: New PTA signed.

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Monday, 26 March 2018