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Periodic Report Group (2003) Retirement Income

In December 2003 the Treasury released information relating to the Periodic Review Group's Retirement Income Report 2003.

The Periodic Report Group (PRG) is established under the Retirement Income Act 1993 every six years. It reports to Government on New Zealand's retirement income policies.  The PRG's last report was the Retirement Income Report 2003.

The Treasury provides administrative support for the PRG whenever it is established.

The report prepared by the Periodic Report Group - the Retirement Income Report 2003 - is available here.  The Chair of the Periodic Review Group 2003, Vance Arkinstall, issued this media statement when the report was released on 19 December 2003: No crisis, but no room for complacency, says retirement income group.

See also Background Papers commissioned by the Periodic Report Group 2003 on issues related to retirement income and savings policies that were used to inform the Periodic Report Group 2003's deliberations.

The Periodic Report Group received submissions in May 2003 on how retirement income and savings policies were working. These submissions are no longer available on the Treasury's web site but may be requested from Information Services at the Treasury.

Read related media statements by Hon Steve Maharey, Minister of Social Services and Employment on the Beehive web site:


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