Information release

Monetary Policy Information Releases

Information releases made by the Treasury relating to monetary policy and its implementation by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

There have been information releases on these topics on these dates:

  • Contemporary Issues in Monetary Policy Workshop (22 December 2016) – Two background papers commissioned by the Treasury to support the workshop the Treasury hosted in October 2016
  • Monetary Policy Decision-making Framework (2 October and 6 November 2013) – Internal Treasury background papers and final Treasury report on RBNZ governance arrangements released under the Official Information Act. These papers were part of a review of the monetary policy framework undertaken in 2011
  • Mortgage Interest Levy (MIL): A Detailed Option (23 February 2007) - Joint report by the Treasury and Reserve Bank officials that develops further the mortgage interest levy option canvassed originally in the Supplementary Stabilisation Instruments report.
  • Supplementary Stabilisation Instruments (SSI) (6 April 2006) - Joint report by the Treasury and Reserve Bank on possible additional instruments to supplement the role of interest rates in managing demand pressures and inflation.
  • Policy Targets Agreement (PTA) (19 September 2002) - Briefing material provided to the Minister of Finance relevant to the 2002 Policy Targets Agreement (PTA).