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Monetary Policy Decision-making Framework Information Release

In October and November 2013, in response to Official Information Act requests, the Treasury released a number of papers which discuss the monetary policy framework, including Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) governance arrangements.

These papers were prepared as part of a review of the monetary policy framework in 2011 and undertaken as background work to feed into the Treasury's advice on the 2012 Policy Targets Agreement. As well as the final Treasury report, a number of internal background papers are released. These internal papers were prepared to stimulate internal debate. As such, they do not represent the views of the Treasury, nor necessarily the final positions of the authors.


Accessible versions

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request HTML versions.

Information Withheld#

Certain information in these documents has not been released as it is either not relevant to governance issues, or has been withheld under one or more of the following sections of the Official Information Act, as applicable:

  • section 9(2)(a) – to protect the privacy of natural persons, including deceased people, and
  • section 9(2)(g)(i) – to maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank expressions of opinion.

In preparing this Information Release, the Treasury has considered the public interest considerations in section 9(1) of the Official Information Act.

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