Information release

March 2024 titles of advice to the Minister of Finance

The Treasury releases the titles of advice to the Minister of Finance for each calendar month approximately six weeks after the last day of each month.

Advice is in the form of Treasury reports, joint reports with other departments or the Reserve Bank, Cabinet briefings and aides memoire.

If advice has subsequently been released in some form, a link to the page where it is available will be provided.

List of March 2024 titles of advice to the Minister of Finance
Document dateTitlePortfoliosDocument available
1 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/404: RIA non-compliance cases and update on post-implementation assessments for 100 Day Plan proposalsRegulationNo
1 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/447: Update on OECD Economic Survey 2024FinanceNo
1 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/1988: Initial discussion with the Minister for RegulationFinanceNo
4 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/443: Key Assumptions for the BEFU24 Preliminary Fiscal Forecasts and Update on the OutlookFinanceNo
4 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/475: Fiscal strategy for Budget 2024 - Surplus target and operating allowancesFinanceNo
4 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/474: Meeting with Hon Lee re NZ PostFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
4 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/127: SOE Portfolio (AsureQuality, MetService, New Zealand Post, Quotable Value): Candidate Short-listing Early 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
4 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/386: Treasury Report: Briefing on ACC's 2023/24 Second Quarter ReportFinance; ACCNo
4 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/445: Mana Ahuriri Trust Acquiring the Crown’s 50% Interests in Hawke’s Bay Airport LimitedFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
4 Mar 2024Inland Revenue Briefing Note BN2024/078: Additional information on the Change and Communication Plan for the FamilyBoost tax creditFinance; RevenueNo
5 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/444: Meeting with the Chair of Meridian on 7 March 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/522: Proactive Release of Cabinet Paper on Regulations to Support Commencement of the Natural Hazards Insurance ActFinanceNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/511: Budget 2024 Capital initiatives overviewFinanceNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2207: Accident Compensation Corporation: 2024/25 Letter of ExpectationFinance; ACCNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/340: Earthquake Commission Toka Tū Ake Letter of Expectation 2024/25FinanceNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2055: Crown Financial Institutions: 2024/25 Letters of ExpectationsFinanceNo
5 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/306: Draft 2024/25 Letters of Expectations for the Infrastructure Commission, CIP and Rau PaengaFinance; Infrastructure; State Owned EnterprisesNo
5 Mar 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/067: Deductibility of co-operative company dividendsFinance; RevenueNo
6 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/389: Airways - Capital RefundFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
6 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2132: Finance Portfolio: Documentation to Confirm Reappointments Early 2024FinanceNo
6 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/22: Details of Directors of State Owned Enterprises and Other Entities in the Minister of SOEs' PortfolioFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
6 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/471: Landcorp Farming Ltd (Pāmu): Documentation to Confirm Reappointment early 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/529: New Zealand House: Draft Cabinet PaperFinanceNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/323: Draft 2024/25 Letters of Expectations for TVNZ and RNZFinance; Media and CommunicationsNo
7 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/590: Recent advice on the economic and fiscal outlook and implications for the fiscal strategyFinanceNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/373: Transferring Reserve Bank Superannuation Scheme pensioner members into the GSF: Proposed Order in CouncilFinanceNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/588: SOE Portfolio: Term Extensions Early 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/24: NZGIF Letter of Expectation 2024/25Finance; Climate Change; Climate ChangeNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/331: Request to terminate indemnity relating to removal of ouvea premix at Tiwai PointFinanceNo
7 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/353: Draft 2024/25 Letter of Expectations for CIILFinance; AgricultureNo
7 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/569: UK Budget 2024FinanceNo
8 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/521: Proposed Washington DC TravelFinanceNo
8 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/577: Advice on Māori Commercial Aquaculture SettlementsFinanceNo
8 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/494: Meeting between Prime Minister and chairs and chief executives of profit-oriented Crown companies, 12 March 2024Prime Minister; Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
11 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/455: Radio New Zealand Ltd and Television New Zealand Ltd: Candidate Short-listing 2024Finance; Media and CommunicationsNo
11 Mar 2024Joint Report by the Treasury and Public Service Commission T2024/617: Enduring Letter of Expectations for Statutory Crown Entity BoardsFinanceNo
11 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/604: Further advice on the debt objective for your Budget Policy StatementFinanceNo
11 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/593: Meeting with ICNZFinanceNo
11 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/5: Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Letter of Expectations for 2024/25FinanceNo
12 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/649: Ministers' powers to request information under the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
12 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/555: Budget Background Briefing for the Justice SectorFinanceNo
13 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/325: Meeting with the Chair of Mercury NZ on 15 March 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
13 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/391: Meeting with the Chair of Genesis on 15 March 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
13 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/632: Assessment of 2024 Budget and Baseline Submissions for the Officers of ParliamentFinanceNo
13 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/634: Minister for Media and Communications meeting with RNZ Chair and CEFinance; Media and CommunicationsNo
13 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2141: New Zealand Green Investment Finance Ltd: Candidate Short-listing Early 2024Finance; Climate ChangeNo
13 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/537: Report on Overseas Travel: Hon Nicola Willis Travel to AustraliaFinanceNo
14 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/387: Draft 2024/25 Letters of Expectations for SOEs, airports and KGCFinance; State Owned Enterprises; BiosecurityNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/553: Meeting with the IMF Article IV delegation to New ZealandFinanceNo
14 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/231: New Zealand Export Credit Half Yearly Report to 31 December 2023Finance; Trade; Small Business and Manufacturing; Regional DevelopmentNo
14 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2098: Dunedin International Airport Ltd and Hawkes Bay Airport Ltd: Commencement of Early 2024 Appointment RoundFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
14 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/355: Christchurch International Airport Ltd: Commencement of Early 2024 Appointment RoundFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/495: Animal Control Products Ltd (Orillion): Reappointment at APH Committee 19 March 2024Finance; BiosecurityNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/496: Te Waihanga (New Zealand Infrastructure Commission): Reappointment at APH Committee 19 March 2024Finance; InfrastructureNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/497: Reserve Bank of New Zealand Monetary Policy Committee: Appointments at APH Committee 19 March 2024FinanceNo
14 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/268: Draft 2024/25 Letter of Expectations for Education Payroll Limited and Network for LearningFinance; EducationNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/619: Meeting with the Office of the Auditor General on 18 March 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
14 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/515: Meeting with Quotable Value's Chair and CEOFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
15 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/544: Natural Hazards Act Commencement: Code of Insured Persons' RightsFinanceNo
15 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/584: Climate Adaptation: Priorities for Future WorkFinanceNo
15 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/688: RIA non-compliance cases for the week starting 11 MarchRegulationNo
15 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/427: Border Executive Board financial statement waiverFinanceNo
17 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/712: Project Orange: ApproachFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/299: Draft 2024/25 Public Trust Letter of ExpectationsFinance; JusticeNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/549: On-Solds Programme - background briefingFinanceNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/560: Television New Zealand LimitedFinance; Media and CommunicationsNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/645: New Zealand Nominees for IMF and World Bank constituency rolesFinanceNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/411: Crown Financial Institutions Performance Report - as at 31 December 2023Finance; ACCNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/498: Landcorp Farming Ltd (Pāmu): Chair Succession Shortlisting 2024Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/270: Draft 2024/25 Letter of Expectations for Lotto NZFinance; Internal AffairsNo
18 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/626: Quotable Value Ltd: Board Fees Confirmation Letter 2023/24Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
19 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/695: Final Budget Policy Statement for PublicationFinanceNo
19 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/432: Funding and Risk Management Statement - project overview and current decisionsFinanceNo
19 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/666: Background briefing to support the Chapter Zero breakfast 10 AprilFinanceNo
19 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/2121: Education Payroll Ltd and Network for Learning Ltd: Documentation to Confirm Elevation and Reappointments Early 2024Finance; EducationNo
19 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/525: The Network for Learning Ltd: Update on Board Appointments 2024Finance; EducationNo
19 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/707: Cabinet Paper - Approval for Travel: Hon Nicola WillisFinanceNo
20 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/692: Briefing for Under-Secretary Court's meetings with Rau Paenga and Christchurch AirportFinance; Infrastructure; Education; State Owned EnterprisesNo
20 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2023/1934: Emerging insurance challengesFinanceNo
20 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/159: Stockton AMD Project - Business Case Preferred SolutionFinanceNo
20 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/732: Tourism and Conservation - Additional savings and revenue optionsFinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/776: Project Orange: Decisions and Next StepsFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
21 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/528: Air NZ: cancellation of Crown support facilityFinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/723: Vote Finance: Savings InitiativesFinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/721: Shared Approach to Back-office TransformationFinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/570: Rau Paenga Ltd: Documentation to Confirm Reappointments Early 2024Finance; InfrastructureNo
21 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/658: Associate Minister of Finance meeting with TVNZ’s Chair and Chief ExecutiveFinance; Media and CommunicationsNo
21 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/734: Aide Memoire - Meeting with Hon Biman Prasad, Minister of Finance of Fiji 22 March 2024FinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Reserve Bank of New Zealand Aide Memoire 6090: Aide Memoire: The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism System and PrioritiesFinanceNo
21 Mar 2024Inland Revenue Briefing Note BN2024/130: FamilyBoost draft press release and questions and answersFinance; RevenueNo
22 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/685: Briefing for 25 March Meeting of the Climate Priorities Ministerial Group (CPMG)FinanceNo
22 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/714: Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2024 - Preliminary Fiscal ForecastsFinanceNo
22 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/775: Advice on Report Back on the Centralisation of Office AccommodationFinance; Public ServiceNo
25 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/747: Tagged contingency drawdown - Removal of redundant infrastructure on Mount RuapehuFinanceNo
25 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/394: Introduction to the Green Bond ProgrammeFinanceNo
26 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/760: Memorandum of Understanding between the Treasury and the RBNZ regarding the role of the Treasury observerFinanceNo
26 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/609: Weather Forecasting System Review - Ministerial SpokespersonFinance; State Owned Enterprises; Science, Innovation and Technology; TransportNo
26 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/647: Visit to MetService and TranspowerFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
27 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/833: Briefing for Conversation with Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement LimitedFinanceNo
27 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/248: Finance Portfolio (GSFA, NPF): Candidate Short-listing Early 2024FinanceNo
27 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/536: Treasury Report: The Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the Eight Months Ended 29 February 2024FinanceNo
27 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/848: Aide Memoire: Large Scale Asset Purchase Programme Indemnity Payment for the month February 24FinanceNo
28 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/795: Next steps prior to publication of the funding strategy for the Depositor Compensation SchemeFinanceNo
28 Mar 2024Treasury Report T2024/863: Budget 2024: Further Advice on the Education packageFinanceNo
28 Mar 2024Aide Memoire T2024/825: Meeting with Business NZFinanceNo
28 Mar 2024Reserve Bank of New Zealand Briefing to the Minister 6091: RBNZ OIA response for informationFinanceNo
28 Mar 2024Reserve Bank of New Zealand Memo 6092: Consult briefing with MoF on OIA 2324 048FinanceNo