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Information release

Landcorp Farming Limited: Independent Review Information Release

Issue date: 
Thursday, 23 December 2021
Corporate author: 

In September 2020, an Independent Review (the Review) was commissioned to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying factors contributing to Landcorp Farming Limited’s (trading as Pāmu) performance outcomes, and to provide a clearer picture of its ability to deliver on its strategy and produce sustainable returns. The final Independent Review report was delivered in March 2021.

This proactive release contains official information in relation to the Review, including formal correspondence about the Review between shareholding Ministers, the independent reviewer and Landcorp Farming Limited, and advice from the Treasury. The documents have been collectively prepared by the Treasury and Landcorp Farming Limited, and consulted with the independent reviewer for proactive release. Some of these documents have been previously released in response to Official Information Act requests and, given the passage of time, are being re-released with revised redactions.

Document released
22-07-2020 The Treasury
17-08-2020 The Treasury
07-12-2020 The Treasury
10-02-2021 The Treasury
15-02-2021 The Treasury
15-03-2021 The Treasury
19-03-2021 James Morrison Consulting Ltd
24-03-2021 The Treasury
12-04-2021 Landcorp Farming Limited
14-04-2021 The Treasury
03-05-2021 The Treasury
03-06-2021 Minister for State Owned Enterprises

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022