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KiwiSaver Documents Budget 2007 Information Release

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Thursday, 28 June 2007
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This information release page and its linked files are no longer actively updated. They remain publicly available but have 'Archived' status in accordance with the New Zealand Government Web Usability Standard 1.3 (1 July 2019).

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The KiwiSaver work-based savings initiative is part of a Government package designed to increase the level of savings by New Zealand households and support New Zealanders in retirement.

In Budget 2007 the Government announced significant enhancements to KiwiSaver, including a member tax credit, matching compulsory employer contributions and an employer tax credit.

The Treasury has released the information listed below for people interested in the development of Government policy on the KiwiSaver enhancements. The information comprises documents that show key policy developments and include:

  • joint reports to Ministers prepared by officials of the Treasury and Inland Revenue (IRD); and
  • various Cabinet and Cabinet Business Committee papers and minutes.

Pages comprising this Information Release

There are six pages comprising the Budget 2007 (28 June 2007) Information Release:

Note: See Deletions to Documents on the Budget 2007 Information Release home page for an explanation of why deletions may have been made to some of these documents.


Accessible versions

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact [email protected] to request HTML versions.

Doc. Date Type Title View/Download
19 Apr 2007 Cabinet Minute CAB Min (07) 12/2 - Budget 2007: KiwiSaver Plus
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-cabmin07-12-2.pdf (54 KB)

19 Apr 2007 Memorandum to Cabinet CAB (07) 136 - Budget 2007: KiwiSaver Plus
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-cab07-136.pdf (167 KB)

5 Apr 2007 Joint Department Report T2007/512 - Outstanding Issues for KiwiSaver and the Enhanced KiwiSaver Package
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-t2007-512.pdf (85 KB)

30 Mar 2007 Joint Department Report T2007/467 - Enhanced KiwiSaver Package - Detailed Design
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-t2007-467.pdf (158 KB)

30 Mar 2007 Joint Department Report T2007/466 - Enhanced KiwiSaver Package - Impact on Existing Schemes
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-t2007-466.pdf (77 KB)

30 Mar 2007 Joint Department Report T2007/450 - Overview of Enhanced KiwiSaver Package
Released 28 Jun 2007
b07-t2007-450.pdf (116 KB)

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011