Information release

January 2024 titles of advice to the Minister of Finance

The Treasury releases the titles of advice to the Minister of Finance for each calendar month approximately six weeks after the last day of each month.

Advice is in the form of Treasury reports, joint reports with other departments or the Reserve Bank, Cabinet briefings and aides memoire.

If advice has subsequently been released in some form, a link to the page where it is available will be provided.

List of January 2024 titles of advice to the Minister of Finance
Document dateTitlePortfoliosDocument available
9 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2113: Background to a holding companyFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
11 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/29: Meeting with Minister of Transport to discuss Transport GPS - Talking PointsFinanceNo
11 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2102: Government Superannuation Fund Authority: Employer contribution rates approvalFinanceNo
11 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/001: Your priorities for the Revenue PortfolioFinance; RevenueNo
12 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/35: Follow up information on the NIWE Primary Producer Finance SchemeFinanceNo
12 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/37: New Zealand Productivity Commission Act Repeal Bill: Approval for IntroductionFinance; RegulationNo
12 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/004: Public Advice and Guidance, Tax Counsel OfficeFinance; RevenueNo
15 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/33: Meeting with KiwiRail on 16 January 2023Finance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
16 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/47: Approach to new capital investments in Budget 2024FinanceNo
16 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2143: Decision on Director - Asian Infrastructure Investment BankFinanceNo
16 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2186: Accident Compensation Corporation: Documentation to Confirm Elevations and ReappointmentsFinance; ACCNo
16 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Briefing Note BN2024/009: Technical amendment to resolve drafting error in the current billFinance; RevenueNo
17 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2071: Budget Policy Statement 2024: objectives, process, and timeframesFinanceNo
17 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/12: Process for List Official Information Act requests and Written QuestionsFinanceNo
17 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2023/2194: Advice on maintaining construction momentumFinanceNo
17 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/51: Cabinet Oversight of Fiscal SustainabilityFinanceNo
17 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2073: The Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the Five Months Ended 30 November 2023FinanceNo
18 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/007: Order in Council: amending New Zealand's list of AEOI Reportable JurisdictionsFinance; RevenueNo
19 Jan 2024Reserve Bank of New Zealand Memo 6082: Briefing points on Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs oral item for cabinet on proposed review of the Financial Markets (Conduct of Institutions) Amendment Act 2022 (CoFI) and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA)FinanceNo
19 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/4: Amending the Overseas Investment Act to support investment in build-to-rentFinanceNo
19 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/106: Talking points for Cabinet paper: Productivity Commission Act Repeal BillFinance; RegulationNo
23 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/89: March Baseline Update 2024 and Tagged ContingenciesFinanceNo
23 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/140: Disestablishment Costs of the Productivity CommissionFinanceNo
23 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2023/2148: Rau Paenga Limited - Funding Payment for Parakiore Project and Other ArrangementsFinance; InfrastructureNo
24 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/148: Talking Points for meeting with the Minister of Climate ChangeFinanceNo
24 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/45: Budget 2024 TimeframesFinanceNo
24 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/008: Tax Treaty Work ProgrammeFinance; RevenueNo
24 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/017: Updates to interest rates used by the tax systemFinance; RevenueNo
25 Jan 2024Reserve Bank of New Zealand Report 6083: Response to cyber data collection consultationFinanceNo
25 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/30: Air New Zealand - approval of investmentFinanceNo
25 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/44: Response to queries around the Emissions Trading SchemeFinanceNo
25 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/156: Further information on business support fundsFinanceNo
25 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/149: Tūroa and Whakapapa ski fields – briefing on upcoming Ministerial meeting and decisionsFinanceNo
25 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/018: Vote Revenue: Office of the Auditor-General Audit Letter 2022/23: Unappropriated ExpenditureFinance; RevenueNo
25 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/74: Ministerial Advisory Group on KiwiRail's Inter-island Ferry ServiceFinance; Transport; State Owned EnterprisesNo
26 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/181: Late Budget 2024 initiativesFinanceNo
26 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/110: Hui between Ministers and National Iwi Chairs Forum, 2 February 2024FinanceNo
26 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/1: Meeting with an OECD Delegation to Discuss the OECD Economic Survey of New Zealand 2024FinanceNo
29 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/157: Fiscal considerations in vote HousingFinanceNo
29 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/178: MoF-Speaker Baseline Savings MeetingFinanceNo
29 Jan 2024Inland Revenue Report IR2024/020: Tax monitoring report: Collections to December 2023Finance; RevenueNo
30 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2023/1843: Scott Base Redevelopment: September Monthly ReportingFinanceNo
30 Jan 2024Aide Memoire T2024/121: Large Scale Asset Purchase Programme Indemnity Payment for the month ended December 2023FinanceNo
30 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/94: KiwiRail - resolving Project iReX obligationsFinance; State Owned EnterprisesNo
31 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/10: The Treasury's Strategic Intentions 2024-2028FinanceNo
31 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/210: New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income (Controlling Interests) Amendment Bill - Second Reading MaterialFinanceNo
31 Jan 2024Treasury Report T2024/124: Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation Fund: Documentation to Confirm Appointment for Early 2024FinanceNo