Information release

Implementation Unit Information Releases [Introduction]

Budget 2020, delivered by the Minister of Finance on 14 May, complemented the initial $12.1 billion COVID-19 Economic Response Package announced on 17 March 2020. The core of the Budget focused on meeting cost pressures and supporting public services to fight and rebuild from COVID-19. The $50 billion COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) was established in the Budget to support the Government’s response.

The Government subsequently established an Implementation Unit, based in the office of the Minister of Finance, to provide assurance that the money was being spent as the Government had directed it. This unit was supported by the Treasury, which collected data and prepared reports to help Ministers understand progress of initiatives funded through the CRRF. The Minister of Finance received these reports every two weeks across 114 initiatives from July to October 2020.

All these reports have now been released. This reporting was helpful at the time, but the information is now out of date.

As part of the Budget 2021 process, initiatives funded through the CRRF were thoroughly reviewed and some funding reprioritised. This information has also been proactively released.

New Implementation Unit established within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet#

A new Implementation Unit was created by a Cabinet decision on 14 December 2020 and established within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to monitor and support implementation of a small number of critical Budget initiatives, particularly where multiple agencies are involved in the work. This includes areas such as mental health, infrastructure, housing and climate change mitigation. The unit reports to the Deputy Prime Minister.

See COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund Reporting for documents relating to reporting on 114 initiatives initially funded through the CRRF.

See Implementation Unit Establishment for documents relating to advice on the Implementation Unit.

See COVID-19 funding allocation and expenditure for information on how the CRRF was allocated.