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Immigration Policy Forum Information Release

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Thursday, 12 May 2016
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In May 2016 the Treasury released material from an internal immigration policy forum it held in September 2014.

The slide pack material released here was created as part of a process to come to a clearer shared position within Treasury on immigration policy. The slides outline:

  • why it was believed that further clarity on the Treasury's immigration position was required;
  • the key migration trends (as at September 2014);
  • the proposed Treasury position on both the overall quantity of inward migration and potential improvements to support a productive and inclusive economy; as well as,
  • the evidence supporting these judgments.

These slides represented policy judgments that have continued to be considered since this forum took place in 2014.


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21 Sep 2014 The Treasury Immigration Policy Forum: Slide Pack
Released 11 May 2016
immig-pol-forum-slides-sep14.pdf (737 KB)

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Thursday, 12 May 2016