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Auckland Transport Strategy and Funding Project Joint Officials Group (JOG) Final Report Information Release

The Joint Officials Group (JOG) was established following a May 2003 agreement between Ministers and the Auckland Mayoral Forum to examine transport strategy and funding issues in the Auckland region.

JOG examined alternative packages to demonstrate the effect of various policy choices.

JOG identified three major interlinked constraints to accelerating the development of transport infrastructure development: "buildability" (the ability of the construction industry to increase capacity), consents and policy, and funding.

JOG's analysis led to the following three key conclusions:

Following on from the JOG work, the government announced a package of measures to improve Auckland transport outcomes. See Investing for growth - a transport package for New Zealand on the Beehive website for details.

  • TDM non-pricing and public transport initiatives can be agreed, funded and implemented now.
  • In-principle decision to proceed with road pricing is needed now, and a final decision to be made at an early stage.
  • Some acceleration of roading can begin immediately.


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