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Air New Zealand Sell Down Information Release

In December 2013 the Treasury released Treasury Reports and other advice to Ministers, Cabinet papers and Cabinet minutes related to the sell down of 20% of Shares on Issue in Air New Zealand in November 2013 by the Crown as part of the Government Share Offers Programme.


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Air New Zealand Selldown Information Release: Documents
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The Treasury
The Treasury
The Treasury
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The Treasury
The Treasury
Cabinet Office
Office of the Minister of Finance
The Treasury
The Treasury

Information Withheld#

Key to sections of the Official Information Act 1982 under which information has been withheld.

Certain information in this document has been withheld under one or more of the following sections of the Official Information Act, as applicable:

  • [1] 9(2)(a) - to protect the privacy of natural persons, including deceased people
  • [2] 9(2)(b)(ii) - to protect the commercial position of the person who supplied the information or who is the subject of the information
  • [3] 9(2)(f)(iv) - to maintain the current constitutional conventions protecting the confidentiality of advice tendered by ministers and officials
  • [4] 9(2)(g)(i) - to maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank expression of opinions
  • [5] 9(2)(h) – maintain legal professional privilege
  • [6] 9(2)(i) - to enable the Crown to carry out commercial activities without disadvantage or prejudice
  • Information is outside the scope of the release or not relevant

Where information has been withheld, a numbered reference to the applicable section of the Official Information Act has been made, as listed above. For example, a [2] appearing where information has been withheld in a release document refers to section 9(2)(b)(ii).

In preparing this Information Release, the Treasury has considered the public interest considerations in section 9(1) of the Official Information Act.

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