Managing for Outcomes: Output Plans Guidance for Departments

This guidance has been withdrawn.

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Prepared by the Steering Group Managing for Outcomes Roll-out 2003/04

Output Plans provide detailed information about the service performance intentions of departments i.e. they contain more detailed information than that provided in Statements of Intent (SOI).

These guidelines outline the nature and role of Output Plans; how they relate to Statements of Intent; the information they should contain; and ways in which performance measures can be developed. The guidelines have been provided to assist departments with the shift away from Purchase Agreements, and should be read in conjunction with the Managing for Outcomes guidelines (SSC web site).

The Cabinet mandate and expectations for the use of output plans are set out and explained in Review of the Centre - Paper Four - Departmental Accountability and Reporting Arrangements (SSC web site).

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Letter to the Chief Executive#


A The Nature and Role of Output Plans#

  • The scope of an Output Plan
    Period covered by the Output Plan
    Output Plans, Output Classes And Statements Of Objectives

B Developing an Output Plan#

  • Output Plans involving more than one Minister
    Consultation with other agencies
    An Output Plan should be a meaningful document

C How to Specify Outputs and Performance Measures#

  • One size does not fit all
    Performance measures and standards
    Further general sources of guidance on output specification

D The Format of an Output Plan#

E Support for Departments#

Appendix One – Glossary#

Appendix Two - Resource Material#

Appendix Three - Cabinet Minute#

  • Introduction of Output Plans
    Creating greater dialogue around performance information