Managing Government Investment Projects 2014/15

Managing Government Investment Projects is an annual report on significant government investment projects that intends to highlight projects that have been delivered, identify areas for improvement, and provide New Zealanders with greater insight into government's work and challenges.

See also Major Projects Performance Reports information release.

    Table of contents

    • Section One: Introduction
      • Foreword from the Minister of Finance
      • Introduction
    • Section Two: The Investment Management System
      • The Investment System
      • Investment Intentions ("Think")
      • Investment Selection ("Plan")
      • Investment Implementation ("Do")
      • Investment Review ("Review")
      • Treasury Services for the "Plan" Phase: Better Business Cases support smarter investment decisions
    • Section Three: Functional Leads and the Investment Management System
      • New Zealand Government Procurement
      • Government Chief Information Officer
    • Section Four: The Government Investment Portfolio
      • The Government Investment Portfolio
      • Investment Drivers
      • Investment by Region
      • Reporting on Performance of the Government Investment Portfolio
      • Investment by Type and Sector
    • Section Five: Case Studies on Investments
      • Performance Over Project Life Cycle
      • Case Study 1: Ministry of Justice
      • Case Study 2: New Zealand Defence Force
      • Case Study 3: Ministry of Education
    • Section Six: Index on the Status of Monitored Projects
      • Monitored Projects
      • Index of Monitored Projects