Guidance on the ICR: Overview

This guidance provides an overview of the ICR and the rationale for each of the nine elements. For more information on how each element is assessed and moderated, please refer to the Investor Confidence Rating - Assessment and Moderation guide.

This document sets out the way in which the ICR will operate from 1 August 2017. Version 4 of the guidance operates until this date.


  • About This Guidance
  • About the Investor Confidence Rating
  • Operational Aspects of the Investor Confidence Rating
  • Glossary and Acronyms
  • Annex 1: Evolution of the ICR
  • Annex 2: Potential Implications of the ICR
  • Annex 3: Example of ICR in Operation
  • Annex 4: ICR Round 2 Programme of Work
  • Annex 5: Support for Agencies